Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dinner and a (Game) Show

I had such high hopes for dessert on Christmas Eve.  Was I going to make cookies? brownies? pie?  No no, far too boring for a holiday dessert.  So I chose mini Oreo chocolate cheesecakes.  The recipe seemed easy enough and I thought they would have that dessert "wow factor" that I strive for when baking.  So I started off with the cheesecake filling.  A cup of this, a tablespoon of that, blend together - done.  Then came the Oreo component.  I had already put Ed to work crushing Oreos to go both inside of the cheesecake filling and on top.  Are you getting a sense of how delicious they are going to be?  I then took out the mini muffin pan and proceeded to line each muffin cup with 5 mini Oreo halves, making sure to have the cookies' logos facing out.  This part was a little bit more tedious than I was prepared for.  But I plugged on.  Every little Oreo was put into place, just so.  When that step was complete I filled each muffin cup with cheesecake filling, making sure to have the little Oreos stay in place.  They were perfection.  I had even remembered to spray the muffin pan beforehand so that they wouldn't stick when I removed them to cool later.  As soon as I put them in the oven I remembered that I forgot to sprinkle the tops with the remaining crushed Oreo crumbs.  I pulled the oven door open, reached for the pan...

and proceeded to drop the whole darn tray of mini Oreo chocolate cheesecakes into the oven! So. Very. Sad.  I REALLY wish I had a before picture of my little cheesecake babies to show you.  They were beautiful. 

*Please note that by spraying the muffin cups with non-stick cooking spray they slid into the oven even faster when I dropped the tray. 

Feeling defeated and with an aroma of melting oven chocolate still thick in the air I left Ed with the bulk of the clean up and ran to Stop and Shop to buy a replacement dessert- Boston cream pie cake, which no one ate.  Because they either didn't like my choice, or didn't like "sweet desserts".  Actually, my sister's new boyfriend had a piece of cake, but I am pretty sure he was afraid not to.

I did redeem myself on Christmas with Dark Chocolate Truffle Cupcakes.  They were good and sadly I did not get a photo of them.  You will just have to trust me on that one. 

I am leaving you with a photo of our post dinner entertainment on Christmas day.  Ed arranged and hosted Family Feud.  It was a great time.  I highly suggest you feud with your family during your next get together!

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