Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Forced Family Fun, from our family to yours!

Welcome to my blog! I guess I will begin with telling you what the blog is all about.  Or else why would you want to read it, right?  Aside from the fact that I so nicely asked you to.  Okay, this is already going off track...

Forced Family Fun - the story of my life as an overachiever mommy.  Not that I always succeed at the overachieving part, but that is what I am shooting for.  It's good to set goals, isn't it? 
Growing up my family partook in lots of forced family fun time.  Usually holiday/season related and things that we did EVERY single year - till I was old enough to have a say.  Think -  family trips to the White Mountains in NH (Storyland gets pretty lame when you are 15),summers at Silver Lake, pumpkin picking, nearly freezing to death in Boston to look at ice sculptures (I still don't see the attraction there), fun fun FUN.  A lot of times these things were fun, and of course others, not so much.  Now that I am grown and have a family of my own, I find myself being the driving force behind the family fun time.  There are certain things that we HAVE to do each year, such as pumpkin picking, apple picking (these cannot be combined), driving around to look at lights, etc.  Other times family fun includes baking with the kids, and when I say "kids" I mean Andrew, because although Audrey is a bright 15-month-old, she still is no help in the kitchen, or some sort of family trip or activity that I think is a super great idea at the time.  This blog will be my way of sharing all of our fun (and sometimes not so fun) adventures with you!

I will leave you with a photo that is a classic example of forced family fun.  Our family trip to Disneyland last March. The trip that started off with 8 hours of plane rides, conjunctivitis, and a little boy who decided he liked the Enterprise rental lot way more than Disneyland.  The free daily happy hour at the hotel was really the saving grace of that trip. In this photo we had just waited in a long line full of whiny, overtired children to take a photo with Lightning Mcqueen and Mater, two of Andrew's favorite characters from the movie Cars.  He said from the beginning that he did not want to take the photo, but I thought for sure he would change his mind when it was our turn and we would have a lovely photo to remember our trip.Disneyland - "Let the Memories Begin"


  1. Too funny, Marie! Sounds like Enterprise was grand ;). Have fun blogging! You are sure to have looooooooooooooots of material. :)

  2. Looking forward to reading more! I'm usually Julie, the Cruise Director, in my house, too! (Did I just date myself with that Love Boat reference?)