Saturday, December 31, 2011

Shorty got low, low, low...

I love that song.  I'm not too proud to admit it.  I also have that song STUCK in my head, since hearing it twice in the last three days during Zumba class - which I also love.  I think the reason that I love workout classes like Zumba or aerobics/step aerobics is because I just want to dance! haha  But seriously, it really wouldn't be appropriate for this 30-year-old (eek, it looks even worse in type) mom of two to be spending her weekends at the club shaking her groove thang.  If this is how YOU spend your weekends, then more power to you, and I am just jealous.  And it wouldn't be appropriate to break out into the semi-pole dancer Zumba moves at the library sing a long either...So therefore I find Zumba class a place where I can bust out moves that I haven't since I was about 21- when I am sure I looked a lot better shaking said "groove thang", but hey that's just another motivator to go to class!  I get to bust a move (yup, that just dated me a little bit) and get in better shape doing it. - Win Win.

So here I am on New Year's Eve day joining a gym.  But it's not one of those muscle head, smells like boys, I can bench press more than you can gyms.  This place has lots of fun classes and appears to be mostly women.  Girl Power!  I am excited.  I haven't had a gym that I really loved since we lived in NC, and I am still sad that I couldn't move that place up north with us.  It was around 2008, and Ed had just got back from his deployment to Afghanistan.  He was in pretty darn good shape, since Afghanistan involved lots of working out, less eating, and much less sleep.  Hubby was looking good, if you know what I mean.  I joined a local gym that was like the creme de la freakin creme of gyms.  They had classes, machines, spinning rooms (I can't spin, it just hurts my butt), a pool, sauna, massage, etc etc.  Oh and a juice bar, BUT the best part about that place was the daycare.  It was like a real daycare inside of the gym.  Separate areas for babies and older kids, tables for snack time, and hospital scrub wearing babysitters that even changed diapers.  I would have married that gym.  I was going every single day.  I would pop Andrew into the daycare room, which he loved too, and hit up all the different step and aerobics classes.  I knew every step to every routine.  I was starting to get that 21-year-old's body back, and then we moved back home and it all came to a screeching halt.

Since then I have joined a gym and quit.  Joined the SAME gym again (really, you would think I would learn) and quit again.  I tried the whole couch to 5k thing, but it was more work to keep Audrey entertained than to actually run on the treadmill - and down right dangerous trying to do both simultaneously.  I tried doing a dance workout dvd in my living room, but Andrew just asked too many questions, and again I had to keep stopping to chase Audrey around.  So here I am starting fresh.  New cool "gym", new motivation, new year. 

Hope everyone has a fantastic and safe New Year's Eve!
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