Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Great Escape - aka date night

This week's family fun was had by Mommy and Daddy.  Oh yes, it was date night.  A rare occurrence where Ed and I leave the children and go out for the night to enjoy some grown up time.  This meaning a dinner where I didn't have to cut any food up before enjoying my own, we could go somewhere that didn't necessarily have chicken fingers and Kraft macaroni and cheese, and we didn't need to eat by 5:30pm.  Just the two of us enjoying some quality one on one time (sorta, read further).  Here is how it all went down...

I purchased a Groupon for German food at Jacob Wirth in Boston.  I had never been but was hankering for some German and couldn't pass up on the good deal - 1 appetizer, 2 entrees, and 1 dessert all for $25!  Of course this didn't include the price of alcohol, and I also had a hankering for hefeweizen.  Yum, it is soo good.  Grandma offered to spend her Friday night babysitting and she didn't need to ask twice!  And so after a 6pm vet appointment for the pups, we headed into Boston around 6:45, starving for food and a night away.  After we got there, parked, made a quick stop in at the Suffolk Law library to pick up a book  (they had a bucket of free ear plugs which I wanted to bring home - I figured they would come in handy- but I didn't...) it was around 7:30 when we got to the restaurant.  It was packed.  We were hungry.  They told us it would be a 50 minute wait, and we decided it would take longer to leave and find other food, so we stayed.  Ed wanted to go somewhere else for a drink because there was hardly any room to stand, but I didn't want to risk missing our name being called - I get cranky when I am hungry and we were entering a danger zone of hunger.  I sent Ed over to the bar for beer while I clung to a free spot on the wall.  Within minutes I saw that he had made some friends with three of the "bar people", so I walked over to see what was going on.  Well the next 50 minutes were probably one of the most interesting and enjoyable restaurant waits we have had to sustain.  I love the camaraderie of people around a bar.  This bar was no different.  We made friends with Bill, Jane, and Steve.  We heard about where they lived, worked, what they loved about Jacob Wirth, and why they came back regularly.  We met there friend, JM, who was about to leave for school, but would be back in the summer.  We talked beer, wine, food.  I  could even fill you in on the story of  Bill and Jane's neighbor, who flies helicopters for the Army, and the story of his dog Jazzy, who despite having a spleen removed before his owner's deployment was there to welcome home his owner with a wagging tail!- the welcome home party put on by Tommy (the soldier's) sister is on the 28th, in case you were wondering...

At one point these people welcomed us to their "family."  It was awesome.  I love how you add a few drinks to the mix and people can be so nice and welcoming.  I was glad we didn't go somewhere else for our pre dinner drinks.  In fact, I kinda missed our new friends when they went home and we got seated for dinner.  It made me think about a driving experience last week, where I witnessed three different cars beep, gesture, and roll down windows to yell at each other- all because someone wanted to pull out of the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot, and someone else didn't want to wait.  I was wondering what the heck was wrong with people that they had to be so rude to one another, over a matter of having to wait 30 seconds.  I wondered if that was really how life was now.  Everyone yelling at each other whenever they didn't get their way.  Then we had an experience like last night and my faith in people was restored.  There ARE nice people out there.  I guess it helps if they are sitting at the bar with a drink and not driving in their cars.

The rest of the restaurant experience was great too.  Food was delicious- especially the basket of pretzels.  There was an awesome sing a long going on in the main restaurant - we couldn't see/hear  it from our spot near the door, but I caught bits of songs when I walked to the restroom.  The whole restaurant was singing "Let it Be" at one point, and it was pretty darn cool.   I hope to go back again sometime.
so tasty!