Wednesday, February 29, 2012

No Fun Here, Forced or Voluntary

Today's post is brought to you by hand sanitizer, Lysol, and antibacterial hand soap.  Yes, you guessed it, our household has become the latest victim of the stomach virus.  And per Murphy's Law, it happened when Ed is (in)conveniently on a business trip in Arkansas.  Arkansas is stupid.  I don't really mean that, I am just annoyed that he is there and not here.  Poor guy was actually the second victim himself.  Audrey being the first one to catch it on Friday.  I thought for sure when Monday came we were free and clear and then Monday night I see a pasty/ill faced looking Ed during a FaceTime chat, and he informs me he has been taken down.  Poor guy.  Although I was thinking, "Thank goodness he is THERE and not HERE!"  Well, Tuesday at 4am Andrew was the next one to lose the fight against this horrible sickness, and I was kinda wishing Ed was around to help.  We made it through the day and are almost home free.  Ed was supposed to be home tonight at midnight, but I guess mother nature thought she would have one last laugh and scheduled a snow storm (the second one since October) to start today.  Thanks Mama N.  Thanks a lot.  As for me, I refuse to get sick.  When I started to feel a little queasy yesterday I said (to no one in particular), "No, this is not happening.  I will not stand for it.  I REFUSE to get sick."  Seems to have done the trick.  Hopefully, next time you hear from me it will be a post about something fun and exciting.  Till then, I bid you farewell from quarantine cell block 8.

  Signal Flag "Lima" called the "Yellow Jack"which when flown
                                          in harbor means ship is under quarantine.