Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It Takes a Village

Well Hello Again!
Since we were last together I became the most recent victim of the stomach bug.  I know, I thought I was out of the woods when I wrote that last post, but that was a sneaky bugger and there was no escaping.  I have been feeling much better, but was unable to get on the laptop because Ed is knee deep in a paper for school.  I am not writing the paper myself, but after witnessing him working on it I think it is safe to say it's almost as painful as having the stomach bug was.

It Takes a Village
That is our motto around here.   It became a joke between Ed's parents, Richard and Cheryl, and I when I went to live with them during Ed's deployment to Afghanistan.  I  had our first child, Andrew, while living with them.  They were a huge help with Andrew as well as our two fur babies (although I would like to disown one of them right now, after she just ate a beanie baby and scattered "beans" all over the place!-story for another blog post...)  Thus our little "village" began.

Ed is home and we now live exactly one mile away from his parents.  We still consider ourselves a village and have designated roles that we kind of took upon.  Ed is the "traveler", not by choice, but due to his job.  Cheryl is the village pharmacist (her trade), and any medical concern gets first directed to her.  Richard drives the plow (an invaluable asset!), and is the go-to "handyman."  And I am the cook.  Several times a week Cheryl will come for dinner, while Richard and Ed are away at work/school.   Sometimes the boys are home to eat too, or sometimes I pack them up leftovers for later.  Recently Ed's grandparents were feeling under the weather so I whipped up a batch of Minestrone soup and drove down the road (they live a half mile away- being near family is awesome), to drop off soup to them.  I also grabbed a bowl for Ed's parents and included them in my delivery run.

Last night we had Cheryl and Grandma Jackie (Ed's grandmother), over for dinner.   I tried a couple new recipes out - Pork Chops with a mustard/apple pan sauce, and crunchy zucchini sticks with an onion dipping sauce.  Deliciousness.  After dinner the kids played hide and seek with Great Grandma.  It's really cute to see them enjoy each other's company.  Here are the pics...

Where could she be hiding?

There she is! (and I spy a Beanie Baby eating dog too...)
Simple and Delicious!


  1. So glad to hear that you are feeling better now, Marie!! Your pork chops and zucchini sticks sound amazing. Yum!! Hope you are all done with the "bugs" at your house for a long time to come . . .

    1. Thanks Emily, and thank you for reading!