Thursday, March 22, 2012

Our thumbs are green today.

A few weeks ago at Sunday school Andrew was given some beans in a plastic sandwich bag.  They were wrapped up in a damp paper towel and the whole thing came with directions to tape the bag to the window and wait for the beans to sprout.  The plastic bag acted like a mini greenhouse.  After they sprouted you could plant them in dirt.

So today we did just that.  We made a scary trip to Building 19 to look for a pot and potting soil (no reason in particular that the trip was scary, that place is just gross.)  Do people really eat the food they sell in there?  Eek.  Anywho, we were in that area and ended up there.  They had pots but no soil.  After a quick trip to CVS (which did have potting soil), and a brief encounter with a very interesting cashier there (he gives out candy and tells jokes while ringing you up), we headed home for some planting.

We had potting soil, sprouted beans, a pot, and another little grow your own flower kit we picked up at CVS, but I had no idea where the watering can was. That is when I noticed the milk jug on the counter that was about to be tossed in the recycling bin. Well, the inner Pinterest in me realized that with a hammer and nail I could turn that gallon milk jug into a handy dandy watering can! So I did just that and we were well on our way to planting/watering! And you would be so proud, I even let Audrey touch the dirt and didn't freak out when she rubbed dirt all over her new outfit. 

Note - I used a milk jug with a screw top cap.  I wouldn't try this with the cap that just pops on and off.

worked perfectly

Andrew watering the beans we had just planted.

Our seeds soaking in the sunshine!

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