Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The things you do for love...and blog material

I do not like messy things. In this house Play-Doh gets hidden away, sidewalk chalk conveniently forgotten about during the summer months, and bubbles that come into this house mysteriously end up down the drain... For the record, I do not purchase any of these things myself. They are usually gifts. Thank you family and friends, but really, when birthdays roll around, PLEASE do not give these items to my children - because now you know the truth about what will happen to them.

However, I do love my kids. So on occasion I feel the need to do some sort of yucky, messy, quality kid- fun type of project with them. I try to pretend that I don't mind having sticky fingers, or a disaster of a kitchen, and choose something that I think the kids will enjoy. And, in the instance of tonight, I figured I could use some new blog material. Win, Win. - okay enough with the "winning" it makes me think of Charlie Sheen, which has nothing to do with this post...

Tonight's messy fun - Oobleck!

Oobleck is sort of like Play-Doh, except absolutely nothing like Play-Doh. It starts off looking like liquid, but when you pick it up and press it together it becomes a solid, that is until you stop moving it and it "melts" back into a liquid. Hard to describe. Try it for yourself if you do not have a fear of icky messy things or like me, you can pretend that you don't, long enough for your kids to give it a try.

Here is how it went down -
The ingredients- 1 1/2 cups Corn Starch, 1 cup of Water (not pictured, but I am going to assume if you are capable of reading this that you know what water is), and food coloring (not necessary, but definitely more fun. We made ours blue because Andrew is obsessed with Smurfs) Note: my Oobleck came out too "liquidy" and I added more C.S.

Andrew was the first to go in. I somehow managed to make the Oobleck the same color as the bowl- not great for photographing it...

Andrew is just like me. Here is he saying it is on his hands, he wants to wash his hands, and he doesn't really like it. Audrey seemed like she could take it or leave it. Okay kids- let's remember who we are doing this for here! :)

Time for mom to make this look fun. Notice Andrew holding his hands out like they are covered in flesh eating ants or something. Notice mom's flabby arms - eek, maybe I shouldn't have skipped the gym tonight.

First it's a solid!

Now it's not! In this photo it is "melting" back to liquid through my fingers

The aftermath. Andrew has already left the room to go wash his hands here. Oobleck on the table, chair, the floor, the kitchen counters, and the kitchen sink mat. But it's okay. It's all okay. I can just clean it up with water. Deep breaths Marie. Deep breaths. At least the kids had fun! Right?

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