Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Movies

Christmas movies. Which are your favorites?  So far this year we have seen Elf on a Shelf about 47 times.  I have to say it started out kinda cute but each time gets a little less extravaganzalorious, if you know what I mean.  I do kind of like the look of horror/fear on my childrens' faces when the kid in the movie touches the elf and causes him to lose his magic and end up at the elf infirmary. ("Dr, his peppermint levels are running low" is my favorite line in that whole movie.)  I could stand to lose the part at the end when the twin sisters sing about the magic of Christmas, or something like that. I will say that the movie has kept my kids from touching the elf (which still remains a giant pain in the butt on my end).  Last week my husband thought it would be cute to put the elf upside down in my salt canister.  Not only did I spill salt everywhere when removing the damn elf, but now I need to replace all the salt. Cute.  Back to Christmas movies- we also watched Home Alone.  That was a last minute decision where Mommy had two margaritas and thought it would be fun to start a movie at 7:30pm instead of putting the kids to bed.  My 6-year-old, Andrew, was slightly horrified when the parents initially forgot Kevin in the house.  He couldn't wrap his head around them leaving him all alone. And I noticed for the first time watching this movie that the Dad really didn't seem all that worried, did he?  I mean he called the neighbors like once, and then pretty much gave up trying to get in touch with him.  Anyway, once Kevin booby-trapped the house and stopped the bad guys (sorry for the spoiler alert but if you haven't seen it by now there is no hope for you) Andrew was cracking up and loved the movie.  We have also seen one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time, White Christmas, twice.  Both times starting in the middle, so I am hoping to catch the beginning some time this season.  What a great movie.  Makes me want to randomly break out into song, learn how to dance, and eat a sandwich (that chick is wayyyy too skinny).  What are your favorite Christmas movies? Leave an answer in the comments! (ya filthy animal!)

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