Monday, December 23, 2013

Vacation- Day 1 (Heaven help me)

So here we are, the first official day of school vacation.  Annnd, its pouring out.  Not very Christmas-y if you ask me.  I would almost rather (dare I say it?) snow. Eek, I said it.  It's kind of like mentioning He who must not be named, aka Voldemort (I'm not scared) for Harry Potter.  I don't really want it to snow, I would just rather it not be pouring rain all day when I am trapped home, uh I mean spending quality time with, all three kids.  Which brings me to the homeschooling folks.  Kudos to you all. I would lose my gosh darn mind if I spent all day every day with the little cherubs.  School = Sanity in this house.  The morning here started abruptly at 7am.  Well, that is after an initial wake up from the baby when Daddy's alarm went off at the painful hour of 5:way too early to be up O' clock. You know, 7 am, the time when I normally wake the kids up for school and they whine and complain about how mean I am and how awful school is and how very very tired they are.  Well I will give credit to the oldest for staying in bed till the more pleasing time of 7:30.  But the younger two were up, so I was up. Barely.  Now I know some of you would consider 7am "sleeping in", and
I would have as well when Andrew was waking up at 6am everyday, but now that we get to sleep later I have become accustomed to it.  We had also kept the kids up late last night to watch the first half of The Sound of Music.  I think we all know that the later they stay up the earlier they tend to wake up.  It's a cruel world.  After a quick shopping trip for the last few items on my list today (shout out to Grandma for coming over to watch the kids) I think we are officially in for the rest of the day.  Right now I have the kids watching Rudolph for the first time, and miraculously the baby is napping. That should buy me about 52 minutes of peace and quiet.  Then I will need to think of something else entertaining enough to keep the oldest two from killing each other. Good luck to the rest of my stay-at-homies today! Only about 11 days left till school resumes. : )
..."and mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again!"

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